For two seasons, I Executive Produced and co-Creative Directed the Aflac Racing campaign. Every aspect of the project from the website, banner ad campaigns, data mining, promotions, online video, to third-party associations and affiliations.

Weekly updates were key to keeping timely information to the site.

I accompanied the media production team out to LA to work with Carl Edwards. Carl and I shot some great video for the web including some funny pieces about the Aflac Duck that were well received.

Managing the the online promotions surrounding Aflac Racing was a bit part of the process. Creating promotions that would drive traffic to the site as well as allow Aflac to gather potential prospects was key.

I worked with numerous third-parties, such as this product vendor, to offer specialty items on the site.

Aflac Racing

From purchasing the domain name, to producing and pushing the first site live, I worked in all aspects of the site. From creative direction, strategy, development, and marketing, I help lead the internal and client teams through two seasons of Nascar racing with Carl Edwards and the Aflac Duck.

Producing, Account Management